In our Andean adventure we will stay in Luxury Mountain Cabins, they call them Cabañas, and they are super cosy and warm. In them we will have Catering, will prepare us delicious breakfasts, mountain Picnics and dinners to be able to face the days of powder with all the energy that the delicious Chilean local products will give us!!


The Cabin formula is, in our opinion, the best option. Unlike many other guided tours we will be together all day, sharing inside and outside the mountain, because for us the winter is that. Discovering and sharing does not end with the last chair of the day at 5 pm, the afternoon sitting together around the fire is a magical moment to remember the great day that is coming to its end and dream and plan together the next that awaits us.


As always, the Tour will be planned a week in advance to, as told, be in the right place at the right time. You are not flying 11000 km to spend a week in a ski center where the conditions are not the best, knowing that more south or north they are enjoying fresh powder! For this reason, our range of action extends 1000 km from north to south, to ensure maximum possibilities of enjoying the best snow.


For this purpose we will use our Japanese great beast, a 8 seater Mitsubishi Delica 4x4 that will take us everywhere, no matter how difficult the conditions maybe.