Life in White is born from the passion and love of Laura and Gabriel for snowboarding, powder snow, camper vans and exploring the white world that surrounds us.


In the beginning it was the vehicle to share and transmit our passions. Given the acceptance and success we had beyond social networks, we began to publish articles of our trips and way of living in magazines and websites, including some of the most important in the snowboarding scene, like Pleasure, Method, …

During all these years you guys haven’t stopped asking us about our adventures and you have even wanted to join us, and it’s because of that demand that we decided to create Life in White Adventures.


For us it is a very important step because we are going to share with passionate people like you, who understand snowboard / ski and the mountains like us. It’s a privilege and at the same time a great responsibility that we happily accept.

We are not a conventional travel agency, we were not born with a commercial spirit, it has been a natural transition that has led us to this stage and makes us believe even more in our project.

We are not going to tell you what others say and we are not trying to convince you with marketing tools, we do not know about that, what we really do well is to travel the world chasing the best conditions and enjoy every corner in the places that we have explored, in and out of the snow.

Traveling and exploring is adapting to situations, solving problems and being flexible and we know a lot about that.

If we add to this more than 20 years of experience in the mountains, an almost sick passion for the meteorology and a Powder hound smell, we have the perfect cocktail to help you fulfill your dreams.

Our philosophy is simple, we offer what we want for us, what we have been looking for all these years. We want to share with you those stormy days riding through forests that shelter you and when the sun comes, be the first ones in the parking lot to shred those infinite slopes.

And most importantly, our adventures do not end in the mountains, traveling is knowing new cultures, be amazed at every step, meet people and open yourself with them and share beautiful moments with fellow adventurers for months, days or 5 minutes in a gondola ...

Waking up knowing that we have an incredible day ahead discovering together but that nothing is written, that day we will write it together. You know, our life is a blank canvas, don’t let anyone paint it for us.


L a u r a

She has the art of taking care of others in her veins, she is a professional nurse, although in the last 10 years she has turned to her other two passions: snowboarding and photography.

There is no better companion on the mountain than her, she takes to the extreme values such as respect and generosity, apart from being a great freerider with an insatiable appetite for powder and having an innate photographic eye that money can’t buy.

She is responsible for Media, capturing the magical moments for your memories and making you feel at home no matter how far you are from it.


G a b r i e l

He is been traveling the world looking for the best snow conditions for the last 25 years, there are few white corners of this planet that he doesn’t know. Besides being Snowboard Instructor, he has dedicated his life to the world of snowparks, he is the Playground CEO: pioneer, most known an succesful Rail, Boxes and Shapetools company in Spain.

His knowledge of nivology, meteorology and terrain make him an authentic powder Guru. If there is powder he will find it and will take you to it safely.