Since we visited Chile, in Gabriel’s case, 18 years ago, we fell completely in love with the Andean country. Its landscapes, its people, its imposing mountains, its wild coastline, it’s difficult to describe with words what Chile is, perhaps we would describe it as a paradise still little discovered.


The terrain in the Andes is very varied, in the areas that we ride, it is mainly volcanic, with very good inclinations, many snowdrifts and forests to glide through on days of bad weather. In those latitudes they don’t barely know what snow cannons are, so you can get an idea of how much snows down there in winter, which by the way is our summer! No matter how many times we go to the southern hemisphere in the summer, we do not get used to it, it seems magical to us that while in the northern hemisphere it is crazy hot, there are places in the world where it snows and you can ride some of the most impressive mountains of the planet.


The areas we will visit in our tours are Nevados de Chillan in the Region del Ñuble, Corralco and Las Araucarias in the Region de la Araucania and El Colorado, Valle Nevado and La Parva in the Metropolitan Region.


We always decide our riding destinations based on snow conditions and forecasts. You already know that our tours are dynamic and that the most important thing for us is that you enjoy the best possible snow conditions, that is why you choose us, right?