You will wonder what your home will be during your Japanese adventure, as you may guess, we can only offer what we wantfor us: A Campervan.


We want to put a lot of emphasis on this issue since you always ask us a lot about it.

We always say the same thing: we could take our parents on a trip in a van in Japan, and it would be a luxury experience for them. You know why?

Japan is perhaps the best place in the world where we have traveled in a Campervan. The cold can scare you, though and you have reasons, because Japan is so damn cold, much colder than in the Pyrenees or the Alps, not because of extreme temperatures, it rarely gets colder than -10 but because of its constancy, you get up at -6 by noon it’s -5 and at night you go back to bed at -6, many days there is almost no solar radiation and that's what makes Japan a real freezer, but that's why we're really going there for, right?


Our vans are equipped with the best heaters on the market, Webasto and Eberspächer. They work super well and consume very little fuel, since they go with the same fuel as the vehicle, so you forget to have to fill up an extra tank. The truth is that if you do not take care with the thermostat, you will sweat like in a summer night in Barcelona.


They are equipped with everything you could need, kitchen utensils, blankets, pillows, USB sockets to charge your devices, etc.

The rent includes an Ipad Mini with internet connection so you will be connected with your beloved from the first moment and Google Maps works very well there.


As you know, in Japan they drive on the right side as they do in the United Kingdom. Don’t be afraid of this factor because as everything is designed to drive on the opposite side of ours, it’s very easy to change the chip. The Japanese driving style also helps a lot, they drive very slowly and with great prudence, the allowed top speeds are ridiculous compared to Europe, but that helps a lot to the "other side" drivers.


That way of driving also helps a lot when it comes to driving on snow. All the vehicles we offer come with snow tyres that work spectacularly well. Our experience should be useful, right? To be attentive even in the details that seem banal, but those are the ones that make the difference between an incredible adventure or a nightmare ;)

The quality of the snow also helps a lot when driving, the fluffier and drier the better, right?! As we like it for riding!

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We assure you that it is the best hotel in the world, with the best views and will allow you to reach dream places. Believe us, why do you think we have traveled for so many months in a van in Japan? We are crazy, but not that much ;)

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