The dates of 2020 tours are the following:


from December the 27th to January the 5th.


from January the 6th to the 15th.


from January the 16 to January the 25th.


from January the 26th to February the 4th.


from February the 5th to February the 14th.


- Pick up and transfer with private vehicle to Tokyo airport, Narita. This service is only available in the Narita airport, not Haneda, so we recommend flying to Narita


- Campervan with static heating and equipped with all the necessary accessories: cutlery, plates, blankets ....

- 10 days trip: Mountain guide (8 days of snowboarding / skiing) and travel during the whole stay, 24 hours with Gabriel and Laura, the creators of Life in White. No other company offers this care and service, the same ones that will accompany you on the mountain, will guide you throughout the day, because the adventure with us does not end in the mountain.

-Assistance to buy flights, we have a lot of experience and we know how to get flights without hellish connections at a good price.


-Advice with the snowboard / ski and travel gear.

-iPad with internet connection, so you will be connected from the first moment with your friends and family and share this experience on social networks ;)

-Custom route with a wide variety of destinations depending on weather conditions and snow. The Tour will be planned a week before the start after studying the weather forecasts, local reports and talking with trusted locals. Will offer several options so you can choose according to your preferences.

-We assure you to end the session in hot springs every day, in every place we go. It's a ritual for the Japanese, good habits don’t have to be lost ;)

-Mountain snacks with local products.

-Walkies for good communication in the mountains and between vehicles, a safety bonus.

-Photo report.

- Powdersurf with the best boards, Äsmo, as the name suggests is like surfing in powder. We will take a few Äsmos, because Japan is the perfect country for this boards and we love them, so you can try these incredible boards in the place with the best conditions. You won’t leave Japan without living the feeling of pure surfing in the snow!


-Depending on the group needs and skills, we can organize Splitboard / Skitouring tours.

-10% discount code on the Burton Snowboards website. So you don’t miss anything for this adventure!

- And many more surprises that we don’t want to tell, so they don’t lose the magic ... we take care of every detail, you will travel with Laura, who besides from being a good snowboarder and photographer, is a nurse. She has the gift of caring, you’ll be more at “home” than at home ;)


-Fortfait / Skipass: Approximate value of € 40 per day. It will be 8 days of riding, but it can vary depending if you want to do some day of powdersurf with snowshoes, splitboard or skitouring.

-Flight to Tokyo: Return trip of approximate value of € 500 from Europe.

-Meals: The cost of meals in Japan are of an approximate same value as in Europe, even a little cheaper. Everything will depend on the level of restaurants and what each one orders, as usual ;) We eat a lot of Ramens, delicious noodle soup that warms you up, fills you up and hydrate you, they cost between € 5 and € 8, even in the ski resorts and are delicious!!! We know very authentic restaurants that will allow you to know the true Nipponan cuisine.

-Vehicle fuel. Gasoline and Diesel is a little cheaper than in Europe.

- The entrance fee of the Hot Springs (Onsen), since some are free, others are public and we even know some lost in the mountains, we have decided not to include them because it is difficult to calculate the value, but we assure you that the price is very little and the pleasure is maximum. The approximate price ranges goes from € 4 to € 10.

-Damage Deposit of the van, € 1200 for the Big Campervan, € 2000 for the Motorhome.

-Travel / mountain insurance: It’s mandatory to have a travel and rescue insurance to come with us, we can help you and advise on the best insurances. We work with Intermundial, it has worked very well for us over all these years.

-International driving license: This permit is a simple procedure. You must check on your local authorities how to get it.

SNOWBOARD/SKI LEVEL: To have an experience in powder snow, you will have to have a minimum skills to perform the activities that we offer.

-Medium-high level with freeriding experience.

-Equipment needed: basic equipment snowboard / ski, beacon, probe and shovel. It is also mandatory to have travel insurance and mountain rescue insurance.

-Optional: helmet and Airbag backpack.


-Motor Home: Perfect for mid size groups, up to 4 people

-Big Campervan: Ideal for two people.

-Mid Campervan: Ideal for one person.

We use and recommend the Big Campervan for ease of driving and space, but the vehicles will be organized according to your priorities.