There are many ways to make your dreams come true, for us, the most important, was learning to listen to our hearts and pursue what made us to feel alive, without thinking about anything else.


Then, a time when we connected with many people who lived the mountain like us came, and it was an extra motivation, mutual help to continue doing what made us feel so good.

Later, it arrived, all that gear that you dream with, because it allows you to enjoy even more what you love the most.

How on earth we won’t be willing to enjoy more and more the mountains?


Burton Snowboards has accompanied since our beginnings and we truly believe in the philosophy, products and innovation of this brand from Vermont.

We feel very fortunate to have your support and be able to collaborate with them. A real pride to be part of the Burton Europe family!


After having countless problems while flying to our dreamed destinations with our old Airbag backpacks with compressed air cartridge, Arcteryx from Vancouver proposed us to test their new airbag system with battery powered fan. They say that there are things that change your life and this has been one of them. Comfort, practicality, safety and absolute tranquility when traveling.


Food is a fundamental pillar in our lives, and this Spanish superfoods brand has suported us since its inception. We love their quality and innovative products that help us to maintain a balanced diet in our hectic journeys.