And the day that we have been waiting for so long for, both us and our first Japanese adventurers, arrived. After months talking on the internet and planning the trip, we finally met Jorge, David and Javi. We picked them up at the Narita airport with what would be their home for the next 10 days and we headed, of course, to eat a delicious Ramen to gather strength to prepare everything and leave that afternoon to the mountains. It was snowing!!! We arrived at our first destination pretty late in Gunma prefecture and it was dumping. The first day we were riding through forests and enjoying the night snowboard, what a welcome welcome!!!

The forecast predicted sun for our second day in the mountains, and they were right. What a day, everything was hugs and smiles. This, still kind of secret spot, never disappoints !!!

I even heard that phrase that has become already part of our story: I already have enough with this day, TAKE ME BACK TO NARITA !!!

It seems that the forecasts had allied with us and after this day of sun, already on the way to our next destination it began to snow as it only does in Japan.

So new destination and new prefecture, this time Nagano. Once again a first day of intense snowfall enjoying the forests that we know so well and two of sun to enjoy even more of this mountain and magical town that is Nqzawa Onsen.

Of course, every evening we had our dose of Japanese culinary culture and the incredible thermal baths, the Onsens, that leave you new for a new day of powder.

Well, time to jump to the road again cause according to the forecasts the most snow was going to fall in the Hakuba area, there we go! And again the first day of snowfall and two days of sunshine that even allowed us to go further and explore the amazing sidecountry of Goryu with Splitboard and snowshoes, those Spines that somebody called place Travis often wanders ...

After so many days without stopping, we decided to take the last day in the mountains looking for spots to enjoy the bindingless boards, the Powder Surf Äsmo, on our way to Narita.

What 10 days!!! With great sorrow we accompanied our, already good friends, David, Javi and Jorge to take their plane back ... although I think they were even sadder than us to leave behind the paradise of the powder that is Japan, with a smile from ear to ear, though !!! More next year?

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Video edited and recorded by David Muñoz.

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