Why Japan is the paradise to travel in a campervan.


Many people have concerns about traveling by van through Japan in winter, but we know it's the paradise to travel in campervan mode. Are you still hesitating? We explain you a little more ...


We assure you that your mobile home will be an oven, with the parking heating you will be warmer than at home, in fact at the beginning with the psychosis of the cold you will get up at midnight to lower the heating.

Dry the gear?

Another concern that you will soon get rid of. It dries everything very quickly, besides that get it's so cold and the snow is so dry that you will not get very wet, but when it happens, everything dries out pretty fast!


Our vans are equipped to cook but we assure you that you will not need it too much, eating out in Japan is very affordable and delicious.


Our vans are well equipped with very comfortable beds, and if you add to that, you can get up on the slopes and rest a bit more ... your body will appreciate it 😜


In the mountain areas where we transit there is no problem to park and rest, all places are quiet and safe.


It is a country where they drive very slow, you will soon get used to driving on the other side. The vans come with snow tires, some are 4x4 and have good chains. With the dry snow they usually have is an authentic pleasure to drive.


Japan is the paradise of hot springs, they are called Onsens. An experience that you can't miss, we go almost every day. You will be cleaner and more relaxed than at home!


For us it has been one of the few handicaps we have had when traveling in Camper but in Japan we haven't had problems. There are stretching areas in the ski resorts and in many places of the Onsens. Luckily, it is a good Japanese tradition, another reason that makes it a luxury to travel in a van.


For many a delicate issue, being able to do the necessities in a comfortable place is not nonsense. It is very easy to find public toilets, they are very clean and Japanese toilets have water cleaning system.

There are public toilets open 24h in convenience stores like 7eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, ...

Another experience that you can't miss ... You will want to take one home! We have already done it!

We have spent 4 winters traveling in a van in Japan and we can assure you that we have never missed the comforts of home. In South America, Europe ... is another story, but traveling in a van in Japan is a luxury and we want to share with you.