10 reasons to travel with us to Chile this summer.

Life in White Adventures Chile Nevados de Chillan

1. Live an unforgettable experience

The guys in Life in White go beyond exploring mountains, they know how to get the most out of everything around them and they know Chile as the patio of their house, they have been traveling there for 20 years. Since 3 years they’ve been building their Cabin in the Chillan mountains, their base camp for the Summer / Winter.

Life in white Adventures Chile

2. Find the best conditions

You don’t wanna take the risk to travel 12,000 km and don’t find exceptional conditions. Life in White assures you to pursue the best conditions and in the cooler way, with their Japanese 4x4 van. It will seem silly, but getting first tracks on heavy snow days is not an easy task there. A good vehicle is the key and an expert driver, too. They won't let you down!

Life in White Adventures Chile

3. Enjoy the benefits of years of experience in a week.

Going to the right spots in just a few days is not an easy task, not to say impossible. With the guys from Life in White you will discover amazing terrain and dream powder runs that they have taken years to find!


4. Lick your fingers with the gastronomic offer

They are great lovers of the mountain, but they are aware that a good diet is basic to be at the level of physical demand that these trips require. Luckily, in Chile the local production is of a great quality and variety, prepare yourself because you are going to lick your fingers and your body will thank you!

Life in white Adventures Chile

5. Rest and recharge batteries

Rest and comfort over the whole trip is essential, they know the best cabins, hot springs ... the perfect places to rest and recover energy for the next day.


6. Have a great time!

Fun? With so much movement fun and adventure are assured. You will spend 10 days and you will feel like living 30.

Life in White Adventures Chile Nevados de Chillan

7. Not having to worry about the weather

Do not worry about seeing meteorological forecasts, there will already be one person, Gabriel, studying the forecast unhealthily for you, 20 times a day!

Life in White Adventures Chile

8. Enjoy the beautiful Chilean coast

Not everything in this life is snow, the Chilean coast is another paradise and they also include a day in the Cobquecura area. Coming from a couple of snow freaks like them, we really believe that it should be very worthwhile to visit this area of the Ñuble region.

Life in White Adventures Chile

9. Be part of the Life in White family

You will be part of another Life in White adventure. These guys have been pursuing the best conditions in the world for many, many years. If they are good at something, it is in this. Few people have traveled as much white world as they did! You can share an adventure with them and become part of the Life in White family.

Life in White Adventures Chile Volkswagen T2

10. Memories that will not be erased from memory

Laura, in addition to being a passionate freerider, also likes to capture the most special moments of these adventures, so you will get a nice memory in photographic format. And you will be in the best hands cause Laura is also a dedicated and experienced nurse! You can't ask for more!

Life in White Adventures Chile Volcan

If you still need more reasons to spend a 10 days with them in Chilean lands here you can read how was the tour last year and opinions of other adventurers who have dared to travel with them.

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