Do you know that the less planned sometimes is when everything works out better? Well that's what happened with the first tour we did in Austria. Of course the little planned goes by the little advance with which we announced, not because we do not know the terrain, since we have been living in the Austrian Tyrol for 11 years now! 11 years. Wow time flies!

The thing is that since the year began the snow didn't stop, so much that we even decided to postpone our trip to Japan, because what was happening here, was EPIC.

That's why we called the Letze Minute tour (last minute in German), we announced it on a Saturday, if I remember correctly, and it started next Friday. In 3 days we had the Tour sold out, we even had to leave people out, because, you know that our tours are exclusive and with only 4 spots in order to experience a real Life in White adventure!

The forecasts did not fail and we picked up our dear adventurers Jon, Rafa, Dani and Isabel at the Munich airport under heavy snow.

We woke up with more than half a meter of new snow and it was still dumping, basically, except for the last day of the tour, in which we finally saw the sun, that was the tonic of the whole tour: enjoying the endless forests of the Zillertal valley while the tracks of the previous descent were covered when taking the gondolas! One of those days that the tracks are so helpful, otherwise you can barely move.

Even though we ended up each day completely exhausted, we find some time to introduce our intrepid adventurers to Powdersurf with our Äsmos in our home fields.

 Zillertal never disappoints, but this time he left the bar very high. I suspect that our first Austrian adventurers will never forget the week they spent here!

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Video edited and recorded by Jon Bora.

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